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isbn 1-59286-837-1
Clarence McKinsey is imprisoned in the L.A. black ghetto with his drug addicted, prostitute mother and his infant sister. His life is the struggle to survive the treachery of his mother, the threats of the local gang, the care of his sister and his day-to-day existence in the culture of poverty, ignorance and violence. Then the Geffens, an old Jewish couple - themselves seeking some meaning to their lives - find Clarence scrounging for food and offer him an escape. But now, both their worlds collide. Now Clarence must struggle to survive in another battleground - a new white order. What do they demand? What can he do? What does he need? What will they do for him? What does he have to do to keep them from sending him back to the ghetto? As Clarence finds the answers, he loses his fears and recreates himself. But Clarence still has to overcome the hurdles of those who still see him as black. It’s only when Clarence embraces his struggle of how he survived the black ghetto, does he come to realize his power to conquer the white empire.