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Joe Rosato
ISBN: 978-1480951358
Joe Rosato, author
On a dark haunting Saigon night in late-summer 1968, two volunteer American Red Cross nurses disappeared without a trace. Officials dismiss their disappearance as being “Absent Without Leave” (AWOL) and with the passage of time, they were simply forgotten. At least until thirty-seven years later when Chet Ross, a Vietnam veteran, is experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) flashbacks and nightmares of the former war-ravaged country. While mourning the death of his wife, Chet Ross is mesmerized as he watches a tropical depression form over the Bahamas. Before long, this little-known storm turns into Hurricane Katrina. This triggers Chet's memory of a tropical depression in Vietnam in 1968 that developed into Typhoon Cobra. He recalls the destructive forces and surging waters of Typhoon Cobra that are almost identical to those of Hurricane Katrina. Chet asks himself, why don't the New Orleans elected officials seem to care? Remembering Typhoon Cobra's devastation was way beyond any forecasts or predictions and thousands of poor villagers lost their lives along the Mekong Delta. As if drawn by an unexplainable force, Chet stumbles upon the story of the two missing nurses. He is more determined than ever before to investigate as he relives every one of his nightmares. In his relentless pursuit of the truth, Chet disregards his own health concerns. By accident or fate, Chet meets a man named Ta Ning, who was witness to a pivotal event when he was a young orphaned teenager. Ta’s tragic story reminds us all that during a war, the worst of humanity shows its ugly face, torturing its victims in unimaginable ways. Chet’s travels reawaken the atrocities and corruption of war along with his sad but remarkable connection to the two nurses. Although this is a fictional story, some of the dates, events and places are real and the author has used his own Vietnam experience to help develop the storyline.