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Islamic State
On the 150th anniversary of the day when John Wilkes Booth put a bullet through the head of Abraham Lincoln comes a new shock for America when radical Islamists desecrate war cemeteries across western Europe. Grassroots America has finally had enough. The sleeping tiger has been awakened, poked and prodded until it’s snarling and ready to kill, and then unleashed. Reprisals bring the National Guard and marshal law to the streets of America’s towns and cities while the great nation’s Muslim population retreats behind hastily erected barricades. Vigilante groups pay no heed to the call for calm. The second amendment’s right to bear arms has become the right to wage war. After weeks of tension, politicians join with community leaders to search for an answer. The only solution, a Homeland - right here in America. A place where peace-loving people can walk out in the street. A land where Muslims will live according to their own laws and traditions. An Islamic State. *** Joe Abrahams is the son of a Jewish father and a Roman Catholic mother but after meeting and falling in love with a girl from a Pakistani background he embraces Islam and makes her his wife. When she and their children are brutally murdered in the riots that follow the attacks on the cemeteries Joe goes on the rampage, an action which lands him in jail for several years. Only he knows as he patiently serves his time that the true crime he committed could have cost him his life. At last his release is due but on the day he should have walked free he is taken in chains to the poverty stricken state which is destined to be home for the rest of his life. But Joe finds things in the Homeland aren’t so bad after all. With access to money from outside the state he is able to make a comfortable life for himself, and even gets to go flying over the magnificent scenery of the Grand Canyon. With a beautiful girlfriend for company his life is indeed rosy - until an innocent investigation of his tax affairs uncovers his Jewish heritage. Now suspected of being a spy for the federal government Joe becomes a hunted fugitive. With little experience as a pilot Joe attempts a daring night flight over the heavily guarded state line and heads for the Mexican border where his slow and defenceless plane is intercepted and shot down by jets of the US Airforce. Only just surviving the attack Joe parachutes to safety and lands on the Mexican side. Now at the mercy of bounty hunters who’d like to return him to the USA for a fat reward Joe keeps ahead of his pursuers and heads for Mexico City where he is able to obtain forged travel documents that will get him on a plane to England, though not necessarily through UK border controls. On arrival at Heathrow Airport Joe finds his carefully made plans have been scuppered by nothing more than the simple diversion of a flight from one terminal to another. Now his life and liberty hang in the balance once again. Will the UK authorities grant him political asylum - or will they send him back? In an attempt to secure his return the Americans designate Joe as a terrorist and subsequently as a murderer, and when it is revealed that the Homeland requires his return to face a charge for which he will almost certainly be stoned to death, Joe is in despair. Only the eleventh hour intervention of an agent from military intelligence offers the chance of life and freedom.