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Jake's Dragon 2 - The Rise of the King

Children/Young Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

With the ascension of T’Aer Bolun Dakkar, a new king now rules the northwestern dragon kingdom. In the unseen world of dragons, even kings must prove themselves worthy, and the appearance of challengers is inevitable. As Jake and T’Aer Bolun Dakkar work tirelessly to address problems plaguing both dragon and human civilizations, dragoneers and eco-terrorists seek to derail their efforts at every turn. Their search for lasting and peaceful solutions to an impending global disaster are further complicated by a billion-dollar bounty placed on their heads. Nevertheless, they are determined to achieve a balanced ecosystem which supports both dragons and humans, even if —at times—it puts them at odds with both species. Though the obstacles are many, the bond between Jake and T’Aer Bolun Dakkar is a powerful one that will be tested to its very limit, all while attempting to keep the veil separating humans and dragons firmly in place.
Enam Lehmax

We reunite with the characters as they are living out their purpose to the fullest, utilizing their unique talents to preserve everything that is fundamentally good in the world. Once again, the author captivates his audience with witty insertions, when one expects them the least. Unforeseeable twists will make the readers nearly fall off their exercise ball, that (hopefully) they are wisely using as a seat.
As always subtle guiding, supported by the author’s research will spark a contemplation of what’s of value and importance in life, which for those of us, who are familier with Mr. McFarland’s style, should not come as a surprise.