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Jeanne d'Arc : The Conspiracy Theory
This book takes us on a journey through one of the most incredible adventures of all times: how a young peasant girl from out of nowhere led by a mystic voice managed to save the Kingdom of France from British domination and crown a King all before she turned nineteen ! The story has confounded historians and pundits alike for the past six hundred years ever since Joan of Arc’s epic adventure came to an abrupt end at the stake in 1431. Endless tales, legends or accounts of the story were told, sometimes magnifying, sometimes demystifying the true nature of Joan of Arc’s voices. Through dedicated and careful study of ancient manuals in France’s National Archives but also through forensic research on the actual sites where Joan of Arc’s epic story unfolded, Jacques Genicot finally reveals one of the most sensible and plausible explanation to the true nature of Joan’s voices. The author’s lively and spirited style makes this a refreshing and highly entertaining read for all history lovers.