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Children/Young Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

Be-Bop, A-Doo-Wop, A Wobble-Dee, POP! From the moment children first hear the recurring scat-rhythm that inspires Shorty George to dance, they'll be transported into a world filled with images from the past brought to life in colorful detail. JITTERBUGS! is inspired by real-life 1930s Lindy Hop dancers George Snowden ( Shorty George ) and Beatrice Gay ( Big Bea ) who used their height difference to advantage to win contests at places like the famed Savoy Ballroom in Harlem New York. This dance-along story re-casts George and Bea as adorable and engaging jitterbugs; and young readers are prompted to dance along with a few of the bugs' signature steps. Bonus materials for educators and parents include lively vintage music and video clips, activity sheets, and common core lesson plans all available for download on the JITTERBUGS! book website.
Amy Grossman, Youth Services Librarian, River Forest Public Library

"An important lesson about taking risks and following your passions is interwoven into this whimsical and enjoyable picture book about two often overlooked stars of dance history. I would recommend this book to kids, teachers, and dance enthusiasts everywhere!"

Cynthia Millman, Co-Author of Frankie Manning: Ambassador of Lindy Hop

"Jitterbugs! is a fun way to introduce children to the pioneers of swing dancing, Harlem in the Swing Era, swing music, and the Savoy Ballroom. The endearing bug characters will draw children in, and teachers and parents will appreciate that the book gets kids up and moving."

Julie Lamz, 2nd Grade Teacher, Willard Elementary School

"Jitterbugs! is so much fun and a great way to integrate arts and the Common Core. I absolutely LOVE the classroom guide. It is just fantastic! I will definitely be using it in my classroom next year."

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We are all jazzed up to welcome Margot Toppen, author of the new Jitterbugs! A dance-along story inspired by real American Jitterbugs to Magic Tree. Call (708)848-0770 to reserve copies of the book and/or let us know you'll be dancing along with us.