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JoJo Learns About Credibility

Children/Young Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

JoJo learns about a legal principle - Credibility - in a very practical way after lying to his counsin, Javi, about taking his cereal. JoJo quickly learns that lying does not create a great reputation or trust. So, JoJo makes the right decision to be truthful when confronted by his Grandmother. Once this decision is made, JoJo feels better about telling the truth and know that he can be trusted in the future.

Gainesville, Florida born and Illinois & Wisconsin Barred Attorney, Sivonnia DeBarros, publishes Children’s Book Series that teaches children about bite-sized legal concepts.

                                    In July 2019, DeBarros released her Children’s Book Website and Children’s Series, JoJo’s Legal Adventures, and the first book, JoJo Learns About Credibility.  The series of books are inspired by DeBarros’s son, Joao S. DeBarros (“JoJo”). DeBarros has read books to JoJo since he was a newborn and he has grown to love story-time. DeBarros said that when she searched for legal picture books, she hit a dead-end.

            “There was nothing on the shelves that take one legal concept and breaks it down for a child that is at least three years old. I constantly found math and science concept books, but not legal,” DeBarros said.

            She’s always been fascinated with law and dreamed of becoming a lawyer at a very young age, DeBarros explained. “It’s important that my son understand his legal rights and have an ideal about legal issues in his society before entering the real world alone.” DeBarros continued, “I believe that we (society) need to do more to teach our children about the importance of law and how to use it as a tool – not as an afterthought or for persecution.”

            DeBarros’s goal is to create legal books for children that will educate, inspire, and motivate many children like JoJo and hopefully, close the gap on legal ignorance in the black and brown communities. JoJo Learns About Credibility, the first release, teaches children about the importance of truth telling and consequences that occur when one fails to be truthful.

When asked why DeBarros wrote “Credibility” first instead of something else, DeBarros said that “because of the political climate we’re in and seeing our leaders engage in questionable behavior, it is important that I try to re-direct our children by helping them understand that it is not okay to tell lies. The truth will always be valued.”

            With the upcoming election in 2020, DeBarros plans to publish her second release titled JoJo Learns About Voting which aims to teach children about voting and why their voices matter – in any situation. DeBarros said that she is very excited about this book because it allows parents to engage with their children about a deeply rooted & democratic process that is engrained in our country and culture.

DeBarros added that, “since Trump was elected to office, the voting morale has been impeccably low – especially in the African American community. Many people felt and still feel like their voices do not count. We just need to teach them – and their children – why their voices do count and how to make it count.”

To further the educational value that DeBarros hopes children receive from reading her books, she has included engagement questions at the end of each book to allow for children and their parents (or teachers) to dig deeper than the story line in helping the child understand the legal concept, how and why it applies to their little lives.

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