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Team Golfwell
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Jokes for Very Funny Kids (Ages 3 to 7): Funny Jokes, Riddles and More
If you want the greatest children's jokes, you'll love this book. JOKES FOR VERY FUNNY KIDS (3-7) is a children's joke book containing funny kids' jokes with over 140 funny illustrations and funny pictures. The funny illustrations and pictures are visual aids to children who may become tired of reading line after line. In creating this book we tested jokes on kids and included the ones they laughed at and deleted the jokes they didn't laugh at. Besides learning to enjoy books, kids will be laughing and sharing funny jokes with everyone! Great for early readers!

"I read this book to my niece and nephew and they thought it was hilarious, then they thought I was hilarious, which was a win-win if you ask me."

"Loved the riddles and we've got a little comedian in the house now."