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Jonathan Goode: Honorary Witch. The Crystals of Azlan.
Jonathon Googe: Honorary Witch & The Crystals of Azlan Twelve thousand years ago the fabled island of Azlan, in a cataclysm of gigantic proportions, disappeared beneath the waves, and all her mysteries were lost with her. \tOr were they? Sixteen-year olds Jonathon Goode and his cousin Elizabeth Waterhouse are told by a fairground fortune teller that they will meet an elf in an emporium where magic is bought and sold. And that’s exactly what happens! An Everywhere Key is gifted them which can open a portal to, well, everywhere. Especially Thallos, a place beyond our reality; a place where the magicians of ancient Azlan fled to as their island sank. \tThallos is a land of giant Rocs, Great Worms… dragons to you and I… and dwarves of unexpected occupation… and magicians. Particularly the charismatic young magician Cadifier who befriends Jonathan and Lizzie. Elves too, and there is a young elven lad, Sunny, who thinks Elizabeth is rather exotic, and a Baron’s daughter, Maeffwyn, who has set her sights set firmly on Jonathon. \tBut there are also Trolls and Centaurs who conspire to rule all with the help of a newly-discovered Great Crystal of power from lost Azltan. \tSoon, battlelines are drawn, and a beautiful female Centauri warrior, Chenna falls in love with Cadifer and helps their cause; the Dwarves and the Elves and the Great Worms rally behind them and Jonathon Goode has to delve the secrets of the ancient pyramid of Thallos to become that which his bloodline demands. \tThe ancient world of Aztlan reappears and the most powerful magician of that lost world, Jubal-Te, alters time and brings the memory of his bloodline and the power of his office as the O-Si-Ris to help sixteen year old Jonathon Goode try to become the most powerful magician in twelve thousand years. Did it work? \t Open the book… read on.
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Jonathon Goode: Honorary Witch— The Crystals of Aztlan.


     With a blend of C.S. Lewis and the more fanciful side of Tolkien, author Michael Lingaard delivers an epic, spellbinding, and thoroughly modern fantasy with his novel Jonathon Goode: Honorary Witch— The Crystals of Aztlan. While reminiscent of canonical classics of the genre, Mr. Lingaard’s work is by no means derivative; rather, it is a perfect coalescence of beloved fantasy elements woven together in such a way as to feel both comforting— almost nostalgic— and entirely new. Age-old tropes are explored in a fresh light, lending a contemporary perspective to mythic archetypes and the perennial coming-of-age story.

     Set in modern-day England, the intricate book leaps across space and time, taking our young heroes— Jonathon and Elizabeth— from a chance encounter with a fortune teller to the mystic land of Aztlan 12,000 years in the past. Elizabeth, it seems, is the heiress of an ancient, holy bloodline, while Jonathon discovers that he possesses world-altering powers. As these two youths journey farther into alternate universes and forgotten ages, they are called upon by three muses to undertake a quest of the utmost importance— and of the utmost danger.

     Mr. Lingaard has managed, with only the first book in his series, to craft a comprehensive mythology and cosmological landscape worthy of the finest fantasy writers. His characterization eschews any of the woodenness so often found in the genre, presenting instead thoroughly fleshed-out and active protagonists whose narrative— and personal— journeys captivate the reader at every turn. Jonathon Goode: Honorary Witch— The Crystals of Aztlan proves a compelling read and a true gem of contemporary fantasy, fulfilling the desires of the avid fan, while too offering bold and unique inventions and inversions that are sure to delight.


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