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Journey of a Worshiper
What do picking up a prostitute, searching for Batman, throwing away $3,200, and watching a man punch through bulletproof glass have to do with the worship of a Holy God? Not much . . . and yet, all of these experiences help illustrate various truths about worship. Journey of a Worshiper explores matters of faith and leadership within the church, especially related to leading worship. Kenneth explores issues of theology while remaining grounded in practical, everyday concerns. Packed with stories and Biblical truth: Explore what God-honoring, biblical worship looks like, Explore how worship can be crippled or even wasted by the choices we make, Explore how biblical worship extends beyond Sunday mornings Worship is not about what you get, but about what you give. It’s not about what you can pull out of it, but what you can put into it. Worship is not about you, but all about God. Whether you’re the lead pastor, worship pastor, part of the worship team, an active participant in worship, or you just want to know more about Christian worship, Journey of a Worshiper will be a light on your own journey of worship.