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Journey to Healing—The Art and Science of Applied Kinesiology
Applied Kinesiology (AK) is the science of healing the total person and supporting your true health through the study of movement and muscle function. I have included case histories of patients' experiences with AK. Their stories will inspire you about the power of AK to help you reach your full health potential and begin your journey to healing.
D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

"Dr. Eugene Charles has been teaching Applied Kinesiology for over 30 years, and is the perfect expert to explore Applied Kinesiology’s vast potential as a growing member of the integrative medicine pantheon in Journey to Healing: The Art and Science of Applied Kinesiology

Most medical approaches consider health challenges and illness as individual symptoms needing to be analyzed and cured. Applied Kinesiology (AK) focuses on the whole body, whether healthy or in disrepair, as a unit. It considers not just the condition, but the person as a whole, and the unique environmental, physical, and psychological factors which cause system imbalances and ill health.

As Journey to Healing progresses, readers receive not just an overview of Applied Kinesiology's history and a contrast between its methods with those of traditional medicine, but a series of case histories that illustrate its successful applications for anything from low back pain to heart palpitations and asthma. 

Each condition receives an overview, a survey of traditional approaches, a consideration of how AK would view the issue differently, and an in-depth case history example that follows a patient from struggle to successful recovery. It should be noted that these case histories also differ from the usual medical exploration in that they involve many paragraphs of description of not just of attempts to solve the problem in the past, but exactly how Applied Kinesiology was used.

The result is a thorough survey of the promises of Applied Kinesiology that is an integral, successful exploration highly recommended for physicians and patients alike. Its detail and accessibility makes it a top recommendation for any consumer health library.”

Manhattan Book Review

"This is an eye-opening look into the world of Applied Kinesiology(AK). Understanding and correcting muscle functionality as 'a proactive approach to health rather than a reactive response to disease' is key in this practice. AK is a holistic approach to improving health, decreasing stress, and relieving pain. The stories of real people are a testimony to the life-changing techniques of AK."

Readers Favorite®

"This is an interesting and engaging book for readers who are on the lookout for alternative ways to heal themselves.”

Journey To Healing wins Bronze Medal in 2019 Global Ebook Awards

2019 Global Ebook Awards Winners List

The Global Ebook Awards an honor for the best ebooks published.

Medicine/Healthcare Non-Fiction Category

  • Bronze: Journey To Healing: The Art and Science of Applied Kinesiology, Eugene Charles

People are currently dying younger, opioid addiction is rampant, doctors are suffering from "physician burnout," and conventional medicine is not curing people with low back pain, diabetes, sports injuries, or stress-related problems.

There is an obvious need for a more comprehensive approach to addressing your health issues. Journey to Healing is about a healing specialty—Applied Kinesiology—which may be one such solution. Journey to Healing will help you to understand this currently little-known approach to healing—one that could be the answer to unresolved health problems that you or someone you know may be currently experiencing.