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Hannah State
Journey to the Hopewell Star
It has been nine months, seven days, and five hours since Sam Sanderson’s parents left on an extended operation abroad. Under the care of her loving grandfather, she can only be protected so much from upcoming changes. And this year, there will be a lot of them. Moving to a new city, Sam’s only thoughts are of surviving her transition from homeschool to grade school. But when a mysterious visitor arrives, Sam is catapulted into a formidable and dangerous journey. After discovering the planet Kryg is dying, Sam is charged with locating the Hopewell Star, which the Krygians believe will extend the life of their planet. By saving the Krygians and their planet, Sam has the chance to free her own community from the grips of a tyrannical business mogul. Sam is determined to complete her mission, but at what cost? From discovering the secret of the Hopewell Star to locating a lost civilization, this book has it all: exhilarating adventures, mystery and intrigue, and fascinating characters—you won’t be able to put it down!

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Creative, well-written, and funny, with a great plot and wonderful characters. Mix of fantasy, action, and other-worldly beings. The author has an uplifting imagination. Induces a sense of wonder with this very absorbing story. I would consider this a young-adult adventure fantasy-style novel that combines elements of science fiction, and I think it would appeal to the type of audiences that enjoy stories such as The Golden Compass, Chronicles of Narnia, Divergent, The Spiderwick Chronicles, Ender's Game, and Harry Potter.