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Thomas Wall
Juggling - From Antiquity to the Middle Ages: the forgotten history of throwing and catching
Thom Wall, author
Around the world, people have been throwing and catching objects for millennia, as a form of play, ritual, and entertainment. Cirque du Soleil alum and internationally renowned juggler Thom Wall takes readers on an exciting journey through the history of juggling across time and cultures. Academic in its approach without sacrificing readability, "Juggling – From Antiquity to the Middle Ages: the forgotten history of throwing and catching" is a detailed tour through the development and growth of juggling throughout the world, in cosmopolitan and remote locales and everything in-between. From its earliest traces in Ancient Egypt to fairgrounds in medieval Russia, the history of juggling is explored in this conversational yet thoroughly researched and annotated survey unlike anything written before. Crossing genres of anthropology, history, and the niche field of “circademia,” Wall has created a unique treatise, resulting in a gripping read for circus professionals and laypersons alike.
D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

"An authoritative, critical thinking perspective supplementing the historical examination, offering readers more than just clues to juggling’s appearance and performances over the centuries..a primer packed with unexpected insights and an exquisitely involving attention to detail."

David Cain - Curator, Museum of Juggling History

Juggling: From Antiquity to the Middle Ages is an incredible resource to anyone interested in the history of juggling. Thom Wall has filled in many gaps to the documented history of the art.

This is the juggling history book that I’ve been waiting for.

Nathan Wakefield - Chairman, International Jugglers' Association

It’s uncommon to read a work by an individual who is both a historical expert on a subject and a current leading practitioner of the same craft. Wall taps into both of these roles with a work that provides a thoroughly researched historical look at the subject of juggling… This book is a wonderful addition to the library of anyone interested in the history of this genre of circus arts as well as those looking to become jugglers themselves.

Prof. Arthur Lewbel - Boston College

Thom Wall has written a superb summary of almost everything known about ancient and medieval juggling. When I worked in this area a few decades ago, early juggling history was mostly poorly documented hearsay. Our knowledge has exploded since then, and Wall has done a masterful job of laying it all out in a readily accessible form. Anyone interested in either juggling or history will want to read this book.

Richard Kennison - Circadium

Thom Wall sets the standard for future work by circademics… I predict that [this] book will become the textbook on juggling history.