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Just a Slap
How does a vibrant, playful child become a frightened, lonely and invisible teenager? Kathleen lost her childhood joy when her mother’s anger and abuse terrified her. She found safety in becoming a people pleaser. At university she was drawn to yoga and loved the philosophy and practices of self-development. They felt like a balm to her wounded soul. Years later she trained as an Assistant Teacher in the Vipassana Meditation tradition. Throughout her life Kathleen suffered from chronic poor health, fatigue and headaches. She tried many healing modalities before experiencing rapid improvement with the BodyTalk System of Healthcare. This therapy so excited Kathleen she trained as a therapist immediately and built a small practice. She then faced an identity crisis – would she choose Vipassana or BodyTalk and Spiritual Healing? Over the course of her life Kathleen searched for answers to her health issues, as well as her confusion about her life’s purpose. She explored a variety of philosophies in an attempt to make sense of her life. She gradually pieced together an understanding of the emotional wounds that underlay her health and confidence issues. This memoir is an account of her journey to health and happiness and her mission to help others.