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Just An Act
Mitch Burk-Hollywood Heartthrob-wants to change his future before it's too late. Beth Justin-owner of the Diamond-J Ranch-wants to hold on to her past before it slips away.
Mitch Burk needs a break from life as movie star Simon Grey. But when an accident leaves him stranded at the Diamond-J ranch in Kansas, Mitch might have asked for more than he can handle. The beautiful ranch owner, Beth, and her angst-filled teenage son, Shane, reluctantly allow Mitch to stay on their property to recuperate. A wayward traveler is the last thing Beth needs right now, but she suspects her son had more to do with the accident than he lets on, so she lets the stranger stay. As Mitch recovers from his wounds, he finds himself the confidant of the troubled Shane, much to Beth’s chagrin. When the roles reverse and Beth needs help, Mitch does what he can to make sure no harm comes to her, Shane, or the Diamond-J ranch. Just as Mitch starts to see what life and family after stardom could look like with Beth, contractual obligations call for Simon Grey to publicly reappear, and a person from Beth’s past returns. Tilley (One Saturday) creates compelling characters, even as the needless bickering can get in the way of plot and character development. The intense climax seems more serious than the rest of the novel would suggest, but the redemption and freedom it offers the characters in the end ultimately wins out. (BookLife)