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Rosie Russell
Author, Illustrator
Just Between Sam and Me
6th Grade is Tough with a Mean Girl Against You Shy Olivia just wants to do her best in 6th grade and care for the animals on her family farm. But the new girl at school is determined to turn that world upside down. So Olivia pours out her heart in a journal to the only one who truly understands … her cat, Sam! Will Olivia discover how to speak up for herself? Can she make it through the pitfalls of tween social life? Join Olivia and Sam in this purr-fect tale of courage and hope to find out!
Book Review from Readers Favorites

"Just Between Sam and Me" written by Cat Michaels and Rosie Russell 

Reviewed by Astrid Iustulin for Readers' Favorite

"Olivia Martin had a bad dream the night before starting sixth grade, but she did not expect her entire year to become an uninterrupted nightmare. This happened because of Candace, a fashionable girl with thousands of followers on social media, who mercilessly targeted Olivia. Being shy and not very comfortable with people, Olivia began to write a journal as if she was discussing her difficulties with Sam, her orange tabby. Will Olivia be able to solve her problems with Candace before the end of the school year? Find out by reading Cat Michaels and Rosie Russell's book, Just Between Sam and Me.

Whether the young reader of Just Between Sam and Me has the same problem as Olivia (but hopefully not) or is just a kid who wishes to learn more about modern youth's problems, Cat Michaels and Rosie Russell's book will be a pleasant companion. Just Between Sam and Me is well written and deals with bullying in a delicate and precise way. It also talks about the relationship of young people with animals (in addition to Sam, the cat, Olivia also has a horse), adding various situations. I love animals, and cats in particular, so it seems to me that it cannot be a coincidence that Olivia poured out her heart to Sam in her journal. A girl in trouble that confides in her cat reminded me of the beneficial relationship of young people with their four-legged friends. Just Between Sam and Me is truly a book for every sixth-grade kid."