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Tamara Merrill
Just One More

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

For precocious, self-reliant, ten-year-old Harriet Blimm, life is complicated. An absent father and a negligent mother have placed Harriet in an untenable situation. She never planned to murder anyone, but things changed one ugly afternoon when Harriet kills to protect herself. Excelling in school helps Harriet thrive until she finds herself frightened and living alone in the family home at age eleven. As the situation deteriorates, she befriends two crows, who become her companions. Fear causes Harriet to kill again—this time, in anger. Now with no family and only the friendship of the crows, Nevermore and Morrigan, it appears that Harriet is bound for the foster care system. The plot twists and turns as rescue appears, disappears, and appears again. Harriet struggles to understand her emotions and those of the people around her. However, killing to solve a problem seems like a logical solution for Harriet. As Harriet matures, she is soon caught in a web of her own making, and the only way she can see to find happiness, security, and love is to kill again. As suspicion grows, Harriet must cover up her trail of murders. She can see only one way to remain undiscovered—she vows to kill only one more time. Just one more—and she will be safe.