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Justice for None
JM Harvey, author
Retired Dallas Police Department Homicide detective Valentine Justice had spent half his life chasing murder suspects only to become one himself. After a bloody shootout in a South Dallas basement left spree killers Lamar and Lemuel Sutton dead, Valentine had expected a hero’s welcome. What he received was a disability pension and an unceremonious ejection from the police department amidst allegations that he had executed the Suttons in cold blood. In the four years since he laid down his badge and gun, Valentine has settled uneasily into a new role as househusband and Mr. Mom to his twin two year old sons while his wife, Victoria, has continued her career as the Administrative District Attorney for Dallas County. But, when Lamar and Lemuel’s baby sister, Abby Sutton, is found brutally murdered on the banks of the Trinity River after accusing Val of hijacking fifteen million dollars in stolen gold coins, Val is forced to take up a gun again to defend his family from a gang of peckerwood gangsters and crooked cops while Victoria must confront her own doubts about her husband’s innocence.