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K.C. Rice
Kaycee's Tattered Spirit
K.C. Rice, author
What do you do when you find yourself in love with two men at the same time? One being your husband the other a faceless stranger. That’s what Kaycee wonders to herself, when she meets Mason on an online media sight. Things just seem to click between them, they soon become fast friends. But it doesn’t stop there, she’s not quite sure how it happened, she didn’t intend for it to, but she’s fallen in love. Their chats become erotic and fire burns deep inside her awakening a side of her she never knew existed. Mason brings out her true feelings and desires, making her realize what she’s been missing. But what about Shane, her husband? Their love was a fairy tale, until he became controlling and abusive. Kaycee once again becomes tattered and bruised by Shane’s actions over the years and now as his demeanor worsens the rips and bruises to her spirit deepen. She’s ready to make a break, but fearful of what will come if she steps away from the only life she’s ever known. Kaycee must decide. What should she do? Where should she go? Will Mason be there for her and with her in the long run, or will she be left alone?