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DonnaMaria Dondero
Author, Illustrator
Kelly Greene and the Green Hats
DM Dondero, author
Welcome to the world of Kelly Greene and the Green Hats. Kelly has been collecting and wearing a different green hat on her head everyday since she was six years old. It all started with a simple green bamboo peasant hat her Uncle Jed brought back from a trip to Shanghai, China. Kelly turned her doll carriage into a rickshaw that summer and made a promise to wear a green hat everyday for the rest of her life. Today her hat collection is so large, she has an entire closet in her room just for her hats!! Life in the Greene household seems normal, the family is preparing for Kelly's 12th birthday party, Uncle Jedidiah Anderson, the world famous archaeologist and adventurer, has come to visit, and Kelly's father, Mr. Forrest H.Greene, is getting ready to make a huge announcement at work. Yes, life is normal, or so it would seem. Until several days before the big 12th birthday bash when strange and unusual things start happening to Kelly and even stranger things happen inside her hat closet. On the day of Kelly's 12th birthday, the world of this slightly quirky, green hat wearing girl changes forever. Join Kelly in her first adventure; on a journey filled with mystery, excitement, and secrets.