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Kennedy's Revenge: The Election of 2016
Fitzgerald Cavendish discovers he is the illegitimate son of one of the most popular figures of the 20th Century. While investigating the circumstances surrounding his father's death, Cavendish discovers why the country is $19 trillion in debt with an immigration problem, a healthcare crisis, and a never-ending war against terror. Leveraging his new-found celebrity (and America's obsession with it), Cavendish sheds light on how the whole political process is rigged to create the illusion of choice, when in actuality it offers none. By doing so, Cavendish makes enemies in very high places.

When I chose this book to review, I was initially intrigued by the premise and extremely curious as to how the author was going to pull it off. Halfway through the book, I already got more than I hoped for. Besides being a highly entertaining fiction that featured one of the most popular political figures of the United States, Kennedy’s Revenge is also an extremely engaging and very informative book of historical events not just in America but the whole world.

It is, basically, about the greatest conspiracy ever, plotted by the most powerful and most influential people on the planet who decide who win, who lose, who live, who die and whose ultimate goal was one-world government to be accomplished by bankrupting powerful countries and enslaving them forever. As phrased in Chapter 24 about World War II in one of the informal talks between Adolf Hitler, Hermann Goering and soon to be German Ambassador to the United Kingdom Joachim Von Ribbentrop: “They had learned through their research that the countries of Europe were all part of an international banking conspiracy that used ever expanding national debt burdens to bring the world under their control by influencing national and international affairs.”

With a great plot, interesting and lovable characters and well-researched and well-referenced historical facts interwoven into an easy-to-read novel, Kennedy’s Revenge is one great book....

In view of that, I give this book the rate of 4 out of 4 stars. I recommend it to readers who are into politics, money and banking system, world history and conspiracy theories.

New Book, Kennedy’s Revenge: The Election of 2016, Solves Debt, Immigration, H

POINT PLEASANT, NJ, Jan. 8, 2016-A newly released novel by former Wall Street executive Stephen Rodenbeck reexamines American history through the lens of central banking.  Kennedy’s Revenge: The Election of 2016 is the story of a celebrity citizen who leverages his new found popularity to inform the American populace about the root causes of its current problems.  He offers up solutions that actually eliminate the debt, illegal immigration, the healthcare crisis, and (to a certain degree) terrorism.  The Band-Aid answers offered up by the current crop of candidates (e.g. cutting spending or increasing revenue for the debt; offering citizenship or building a wall for immigration) are stale and ineffective. 

Rodenbeck’s provocative approach reconsiders the existing paradigm: “It is an attempt to reorient the American perspective of its own history.  From that reconstruction, the sources of our problems become obvious, as do their solutions.”  Stephen’s background includes a fourteen year stint on the institutional equity trading desks of Smith Barney and Prudential Securities.  The author is a full member of the uber-exclusive GenerIQ Society, which has only twenty-three full members worldwide.

Through his character, Fitzgerald Cavendish, Rodenbeck sheds light into some under-investigated areas of American history.  The book explains the actual reason for Lincoln’s assassination.  It also makes a startling claim as to who truly started World War II and why.  This dark journey through the past re-writes the history books.  From this revision comes a clearer understanding of why the United States is $18 trillion in debt, why its citizens are in poor health, and why the country has become a welfare state.  Could it all be by design?  Cavendish solves these puzzles, but arouses the ire of some very powerful people in the process.  Kennedy’s Revenge: The Election of 2016 is likely to become part of the political discourse over the coming months and years as voters ask, “Why aren’t the candidates discussing these ideas?”

Kennedy’s Revenge: The Election of 2016 was released on January 4, 2016 and is available at, Create Space, and Kindle.

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