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Chris Daniel
Kid Zero
Conor Daniel, author
Kid Zero's Robot Attack Troopers are out of control, wreaking havoc and devastation on a world to which Harriet has been shifted along superstring, where she is known as the Thing from Beyond. Has she brought this carnage with her? Is it all her fault? She has to stop Kid Zero's destruction to save her friends. But how? She has no idea... It all has to do with her dad's research into Superstring and Wormholes. And he gave her a teddy bear called Bruno with strict instructions to look after him very carefully (though she's too old for teddy bears). And now she is in Bruno's world, where this same teddy bear, very big and very alive, is leading the battle against Kid Zero's furious rampage. Harriet must find a way to save Bruno, to stop Kid Zero and his evil friends taking over Bruno's world. Because if Kid Zero wins it will have dire consequences for all children back on Harriet's world. In the desperate chaos she must shift through the wormhole again, to confront Kid Zero and find her father. If Kid Zero doesn't get her first. As Kid Zero's rage closes in, as Bruno battles to save her and his world, her friends help her to shift. But no one knows how it works, or where she might end up...