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James Hill
Author, Service Provider
Killer With Black Blood
J L Hill, author

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

The third novel in the adult urban crime fiction Killer Series is Killer With Black Blood. Nicky ‘Nails’ Rocci is head of his Mafia family. He takes Sal, who has been institutionalized after he killed his father and mother, to see their mausoleum. Snipers kill Sal and critically wounds Nicky. MoJo gets the news and, on his way back to New York, recalls Nicky’s fake assassination that started an inter-family war. MoJo forces Nicky to confront his depression and together they will track down Nicky’s assailant. Adding to Nicky’s problems, Nathan surfaces in the hands of the FBI and Nicky goes on trial for the murder of the two detectives and Joseph Banoa in the Bella Rosa Massacre.