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Killing Time

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

Boston debutante Regina Irene Patterson Kendall (Reggie) is experiencing either a late-adolescent or early mid-life crisis.  She is finding her privileged Brahmin life superficial and empty. She hankers back to the year she spent as a teenager in the Northern Arizona town of Harden, where her anthropologist father had taken his family on sabbatical to study Hopi ritual and dance. There she encountered a way of life that put in sharp contrast and question all she had previously been taught to believe and value. And there she met Casey Colter, a love she meant to leave behind but never did. Her increasingly morose, reclusive, and rebellious behavior is disturbing her parents, confusing her two daughters, and jeopardizing the career of her corporate lawyer husband. Advised by her maternal grandmother, Reggie returns to Harden in quest of the girl she was and the woman she wanted to be--and hopefully to confront her ghosts and finally lay them to rest.

There is something here for everyone: drama, humor, love, sex, mystery, murder.  And woven throughout, the soul of the novel, The Hopi Way of Life.

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Artistry on So Many Levels

Joanna Lee Doster, author of Maximum Speed: Pushing the Limits; Tails of Jaxx at the Metropolitan Opera; and Celebrity Bedroom Retreats, March 27, 2016

Five Stars

The expansive storytelling and scope of Killing Time, by the hugely talented writer Roberta Parry, is on par with the greats. The author masterfully crafts a tale about a privileged thirty-something married woman, whose life starts to unravel because of her increasing yearning to revisit her past. She bravely embarks on an emotional and spiritual journey of enlightenment. . . . Killing Time spans several decades, going back and forth to the protagonist's teen years to present day with seamless perfection. The author juggles various subplots with ease. Added bonuses are the rich visual descriptions of Northern Arizona that match the author's lush cover painting and an introduction to the Hopi Indian culture. This book is a classic story about lost youth, first love, friendship, healing, and family that will resonate with readers for years. 

Extraordinary depth and beauty. Vibrantly imagined. Exciting and thoroughly enjoyable!    

Elyse Jody Walters, A Top Goodreads Reviewer, May 22, 2016

Five Stars

This is one of the best book I've read in years! . . . I was SHOCKED to discover how wonderful this book was, right from the start. . . . I read it slowly because I didn't want to miss a word, one sentence. . . . rich in quality, complex, wonderful story, great characters, much to think about, gorgeous writing. I've never--ever--read a better book by an indie writer. . . . Why every major publishing company is not fighting over this book, I have no idea. . . . I haven't had the experience of wanting to savor a book like this one in a long time. . . . The prose, the dialogue, the characters, the intimacy in the storytelling--THE STORIES--within these pages are awesome

Roberta Parry has a unique style of her own. There is a story within this story. You can count on "drama, humor, love, sex, mystery, murder. And woven throughout, the soul of the novel, The Hopi Way of Life."

Authors I would compare Roberta Parry to (combination of all of these):Ian McEwen, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Anne Tyler . . .


A Joy from Start to Finish

Malcolm, June 19, 2016

Five Stars

I can't say enough about how I enjoyed this multilayered, well-written book. . . . Parry weaves a story of real and imagined love, the power and weakness of memory, and the discovery of purpose and redemption. And throughout the story, almost as characters themselves, are the high deserts of the Southwest and the spiritual foundation of the Hopi Way of Life. 

Based on the number of ratings and reviews, this book and author are not getting the exposure they deserve.

A Masterpiece

Karen Murphy, July 5, 2016

Five Stars

Publishing companies should be fighting over this novel for it is a masterpiece. . . . I would give this multilayered story more than five stars if I could. I don't remember anything similar in scope. . . . Roberta Parry uses beautiful language. . . . You are in for great storytelling, beautiful desert descriptions, vivid thought-provoking masterful writing. . . Don't miss this imaginative, realistic, heart-driven piece of art of a novel.                                     


KILLING TIME won second place for adult fiction in the New Mexico Press Women's 2017 Communications Contest.