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Kindling - Prequel to Rage of the Immortals
Before they were enemies, they were brothers. If Cifer had his way, he would protect Atom forever. He would let himself be cut down if it meant that Atom would be safe. Atom is the centre of Cifer’s universe. But he is not a child anymore and Cifer needs to let him find his way, or suffer the consequences. Nightmare enters Cifer’s service to repay her debt. She encounters Atom, the dashing King of Heaven, and they become inseparable. The lonely Pfeline and the hurting liege of Heaven find comfort in each other. But Atom cannot give her more. His body and his soul mean nothing if his heart belongs to another. Atom can’t help loving whom he loves, but he’ll be damned if he utters a word to her about it. His love is not only unrequited; it is forbidden too. He would die a thousand deaths before he acts on it. But when his beloved is threatened by a dangerous enemy, how far will he go to protect her? This is NOT a love story. This is a story about Love. …about how cruel Love can be. …how loving the wrong person can cause an eternity of agony. …how the overprotective, self-sacrificing love of an older brother can set the wrong example, influencing one’s entire perception of what love would be. …how we love someone so much that we burn ourselves up as kindling to keep their house warm. And they don’t even know. A brotherhood that should have lasted a lifetime. A friendship that would persist even beyond death.