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DC Gallin
Kiss the Sky
DC Gallin, author
Claudia, an aspiring painter, drops out of Uni and moves into a freezing cold studio in the East End of London. She is joined by beautiful Paloma and a statuesque lesbian Q who has never quite given up on the idea of seducing Claudia. From their diet of tinned sardines and apples, to their night-time escapade filming each other on the roof wearing nothing but silver angel wings and roller skates, Kiss the Sky chronicles the humorous coming of age quest for creativity, independence and sexual freedom while living like artists on next to nothing. This is London in the heady nineties. Claudia and her friends are sucked into the maelstrom of the dance music revolution that is taking over the capitol. Although this peaceful movement is violently opposed by the authorities, they immerse themselves with infectious enthusiasm. But life is not all just play and parties and their naive idealism soon gets them into deep trouble. When the girls are evicted from the studios after organizing an illegal rave, Claudia finds herself on her own and homeless. Will she be able to escape the matrix and stay on her unprescribed path in the face of real life challenges and adversity?