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Garry McDougall
Author, Illustrator
Knowing Simone

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

It's the time of Victor Hugo, when duels give way to dynamite. Patrice is a young Marseillien with a false identity, employed by Simone Beaufort, an attractive Pyrenees entrepreneur in Gothic Lectoure. Both oppose the dictatorial Third Empire, but with vastly different means. As their liaison develops, Patrice is caught in her erotic web, struggling to discover her mysterious connections to Paris and Napoleon III's government. Suspicious of her ambitions, he sets our to discover her secrets. But when threatening forces arise, he and Simone form an unlikely alliance involving sex, perversity, Dynamite, murder and betrayal. Her republicans struggle against the ruthless Minister for Railways, Mr. Jessai, and savage Inspector Blanchir. But when Simone and Lectoure's colourful characters pull together, they will rock the Empire.