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Viktor Kracek is a fighter pilot whose combat skills and courage earn him the respect of his colleagues and recognition of his superiors. For two of the most incredible missions of the war he is awarded the Air Force Cross and ordered back to Washington, to have his medals personally presented to him by the President before a Joint Session of Congress. Johnson needs a hero to help tip the balance of votes in favor of his appropriations bill, but gets more than he bargained for. In a compelling speech before that august body, Kracek proves to be as adept in the political arena as he is on the battlefield. Meanwhile, Kracek’s commander, Colonel William T. Whitfield, the legendary fighter ace of World War II and Korea--a man he admired and respected like the older brother he never had--was shot down and captured. He had to be part of the rescue effort. The operation went as planned until they were spotted by a small boy who alerted the enemy commander. Caught in a harrowing fire-fight, they escape into the jungle with the Viet Cong in close pursuit. The hair-raising chase and thrilling helicopter extraction provide enough action and suspense to keep the reader anxiously turning the pages. \t