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Jerry Payne
Kyle Stone and The Curse of the White Candle
Jerry Payne, author
Synopsis: An exciting story of greed, swift violence, and dangerous love that spans generations. Kyle Stone was bound and determined to get his life back and would use all means possible, including The Family, he has to win at all costs, he can’t let them down. He is determined to repair his reputation and build a new life, one of wealth and romance. The reader will be enthralled and intrigued as they take this ride and follow Kyle through a maze of obstacles he must successfully triumph over, or death could be on his doorstep. His friends, his associates, his enemies, them he can see, it is the curse that he cannot, as it lurks in the shadows, waiting. Will he find love for the first time? Will Kyle Stone become the man he once was or is his days numbered? There are so many counting on him, he must win, but before can, he must face the curse and determine, is it there to help or destroy, will his enemies embrace it or run in fear, is it good or is it evil?