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Land: poems
The poems of Land explore our bodies and selves as terrain to be navigated, accepted and loved. Where estrangement meets intimacy, where lost youth meets the inevitability of aging, where fear meets hope, where doubt meets empowerment, where the natural world and the elements as our precious teachers meet our readiness to dive right into our lives—these are the intersections that lie at the heart of this collection, which uncovers a great paradox of our times: adrift, we long to feel truly, completely at home, while knowing deep within that there’s nowhere else we can be; we are already there, exactly where we are.

Tammy Takahashi's poetry folds beauty and wonder into your soul. Her book of poetry Land touches the landscape of who we are, how nature weaves her delicate belonging with us and we long to fold into hers. I am in awe of her poetic imagery and words that quietly hold you in the breath of wind moving through your being. I highly recommend adding this book to your shelf or nightstand, to read her magical words over and over again.

This is a beautiful, elegant and real read of poems woven into elements and landscapes that kept me moving in a panoramic and personal journey all at once. Captivating and sweet, raw in moments and real. I can't recommend it enough! Tammy Takahashi poems will embrace you fully!