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Last Man Standing in Afghanistan
The new book I've been writing with Rich Walton, AKA Mr. Rich is going to be released this month and I'm looking forward to getting out there and promoting the book. Mr. Rich is a very colorful guy who spent 4 years as a civilian contractor in Afghanistan managing construction projects amidst Taliban sniper fire and mortar rounds. The book chronicles his hair-raising adventures dodging enemy fire, dealing with unscrupulous material suppliers, merciless warlords and untrained workers. Rich's stories are thought-provoking, serious, humorous and entertaining - all intermingled in a roller coaster ride of excitement. Preliminary comments from people around the world who have read a sample chapter have been incredibly positive. In addition to being just plain entertaining as a general read, the book holds specific interest for military veterans, overseas contractors, project managers and business networkers. Throughout Rich's harrowing tales runs a constant theme of how he managed to get projects done by relying on his business networking skills. Doing networking in a war zone for four straight years gives the reader a whole new appreciation for what it takes to be successful in business while trying to keep from being killed at the same time. You'll laugh, you'll cry and you'll walk away with a new sense of appreciation for our soldiers and civilians serving overseas and for the kinder, gentler side of the Afghan population