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Team Golfwell
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Latecomers to Love
Do you ever wonder what goes through the other’s mind when two people first meet? This unique book, by one man and one woman, gives their insights and detailed impressions of the other people they met through online dating. New and experienced online daters will enjoy these interesting, amusing, educational, and sometimes saucy stories drawn from the romantic lives of a couple of mature daters. Their impressions of the fascinating, fun, unusual, and at times downright odd people they met will amuse and entertain you. For the beginner internet dater, the authors offer no-nonsense hints about setting up a profile, responding to messages, handling rejection, money matters, second dates, and how to move on to and handle the timing of the next step, intimacy.

Five Stars! "I really enjoyed this book, it was amusing, a great read, hard to put down, and very interesting to read about the dates of these 2 people."

Five Stars!  from Reviewer, S.J. Main, "Opening one's heart to the possibility is the challenge, or else all these bad dates can end up as a funny story just like what these two authors have ended up doing.

I recommend this book to anyone that wants a fun, easy read on dating and wants to learn a few things "not to do" in their first encounter."


Five Stars! "NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP"  by Winstone Churchill, January 8, 2017, A Verified Purchase, "So, do you download this book and sacrifice one measly café brewed coffee?

"You may already be into online dating and at the stage where you will need a laugh, some guidance, or maybe just the comfort of knowing that you're not alone...If you're thinking you don't need an Instruction Manual, which is loosely what Latecomers to Love accomplishes, then think again...Within these pages, there is some really solid, proven advice useful to both the newcomer and battle-weary."