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Leave Unchanged
Twentysomething idealist Hayden Alexander has always been told to follow his dreams. So, now he is. What does he want? Not much. Just to write award-winning movies, find the love of his life, find his place in the world, and feel like, if he died tomorrow, that all of it meant something. The problem is that as he comes closer to any of these, he feels dangerously further from the others. Along with a cast of Hollywood's young, lost, and ambitious talent, including a producer who's guarding a life-changing secret, a lonely indie actress known for being funny, a reckless Echo Park poet, and a shy barista deejay, Hayden lands in the thick of L.A.'s sex, drugs, and celebrity lifestyle. On his way to big things, he's right where millions of people around the world want to be. Except, is it where he wants to be? Pondering questions of love, loss, and how to live, Leave Unchanged explores how a place can impact identity, happiness, and life's meaning. Because only a place that truly means something to a person can change them. The question is: is that change for better or worse?