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Lessons in Saving a Girl
Emily Evers Kraft is an avoidance addict. Her mother is on another med-vacation. No, med-vacation is not the same thing as Club Med where people are pampered with seven days of oceanfront cottages, free margaritas and all-inclusive spa packages. It’s the roller coaster ride Emily’s family endures when the matriarch won’t stay on her prescribed medications. Honed from years of playing out the family drama, Emily is good at running from everything, even her own talent, but when Coach Allen discovers she can best all the boys on the track field, he relentlessly pursues her so he can exact revenge on an old rival. But Emily is comfortable in the closet. She prefers to fade into the background, become the prop in a macabre play that has been a constant theme in her life. Until a new boy at school bests her on the field, and Emily is forced to examine her reasons for running. A friendship forms between Edin and Emily, until the student body discovers the truth about the Kraft family, revealing an exposé so damaging, it threatens to tear apart everything Emily has been trying to hide. Even from herself. We all have secrets. Those who think they don’t? They probably have more than most.
Tiffany Ferrell, Readers Favorite

Tiffany Ferrell

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Tiffany Ferrell

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Reviewed By Tiffany Ferrell for Readers’ Favorite

Emily Kraft is having trouble adjusting to a new school and a new start with her father and sisters. Already coined a freak by her peers, the introverted girl struggles to fit in. On top of her school life, she also has to deal with her parents' separation and her mother's declining mental health. One thing Emily finds that she’s good at is running, but even that is overshadowed by a new boy named Edin who beat her. The popular boy is eager to know and befriend the socially shy girl and to have her on the track team. With everything going on in her family and her mother's upcoming trial, part of Emily wants to blend into the crowd, while the other part is finding herself liking the new boy even more and wondering if she should take a chance and join the school team.

LeighLa Graham has done a wonderful job of telling the story of a girl dealing with the stress and pain of having a mentally ill parent. The characters are well written and likable and I love the dynamic between Emily and Edin as well as with Emily and her family. Lessons In Saving A Girl was also very realistic when it came to Emily’s mentally ill mom. We can read the pain and confusion in the words of the main character. I also liked how the book was fast-paced, making it an easy read that kept you on your toes and eager to turn the pages for more. Overall, I think LeighLa Graham has done a brilliant job of bringing these characters to life on paper and I look forward to reading more from this talented author.