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Lethal Relations
Lo Monaco, author
Private investigator TERRY STRONG, a former model, with a black belt in Taekwondo, is hired by attorney DONALD REMICK to clear his sister, BARBARA, who is charged with shooting to death her lover, FRED, Remick's wife's, EVELYN’s brother. Fred has an adopted son, ROBERT and Remick has a daughter, SILVIA. When Evelyn is taken ill and rushed to the hospital, Terry learns that Evelyn's symptoms are the same as those of Robert's mother, who had died several months earlier. Terry suspects that Robert poisoned both his mother and Evelyn with castor beans crushed and blended into chili beans. Evelyn reveals that Robert is her illegitimate son, adopted as an infant by Fred and his wife. Terry takes a concealed video camera and confronts Robert at home when Silvia appears with a gun pointed at Terry's head. Silvia reveals that she and Robert conspired together to eliminate their parents so that they could marry, despite being half-brother and -sister. Terry disarms them with a Taekwondo maneuver. Lt. CARL BLACK, Terry’s SO, appears and arrests them both.