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Tom Rubens
Tom Rubens, author

Have you ever asked your yourself, “How did I get here?” The commitment to entrepreneurship can take over your life, and through a series of compromises and “temporary” decisions, erode the principles and values you care about until one day, you wake up and your life is far from the one you imagined when you started out on this path. The freedom you sought when you decided to start a business or follow your creative passion may have turned out to be a prison. Non-balance sheet “items” such as your children, your significant other and lifelong friendships may be the collateral damage left in the wake of your pursuit of financial success.

In Lifeness: Harmonizing an Entrepreneurial Life, business coach Tom Rubens inspires business leaders to make a radical shift toward the pursuit of harmony. Change is not often achieved in steps or by following a guru’s how-to path. It is awareness, through story, that motivates people to look at their own lives and take the first step. Through stories about his business and personal life, Tom hopes to awaken in you a desire to align your business culture and personal core values so that you can truly achieve harmonious entrepreneurial success. Are you ready for lifeness?