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Peter Vik
Light and Darkness
Peter Vik, author

Light and Darkness is the sequel to Peter Vik’s novel Hope. The wise Lord Hellel must convince the king and nobles of Lacinea to resist Dachmon, a dark kingdom that threatens their land. Some want them to surrender without a fight because winning seems hopeless. However, Lord Hellel reveals that the magic of the ancient luminaries resides in his ward, Lady Hope. Hope’s fiancé is Alva Danae, the son of one of the greatest warriors in Lacinean history. As the story unfolds, Alva and Hope work together to give Lacinea a fighting chance. When all seems lost, Hope and Alva’s marriage provides a fresh strength to the people that allows them to win a great victory which brings the war to a stalemate. Just when the tide seems to be turning in Lacinea’s favor, Alva is captured through treachery, setting the story up for its conclusion in the third novel of the series.