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Nicolenya Caltman
Author, Illustrator
Lil' Lymie Fly Away Home
Introduction Welcome to my suffering. I am Nicolenya. I have Lyme. Sounds like an opening for a support group…but there it is. I am beginning to think that much like the saying “Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic” is true in this case, and that in my case “Once a “Lymie”, always a “Lymie” will be my lot. I don’t want to believe it but I fear this is the path I am going down. There really should be support groups all over the world for us and beautiful retreats to run away to, where we can receive love and encouragement…but there isn’t…perhaps someday. A beautiful, novel, idea. I decided to try to write this book with the hope that in reading about my suffering, it will alleviate yours some…that you won’t feel so alone in the “Green Sea”…that someone is suffering in spirit with you and holding your hand in bed…and that a most delicate, intimacy will be shared…and through our “communion of souls” we can make it through this together. I should forewarn you, there is a lot of cussing in here…it is not meant to offend…and I have a feeling anyone with this disease has at least thought the words in their head. LOL I hope that somehow this book will also help to shift the beliefs of the “standard medical community and insurances”. That they will all start to look better at this little-known disease (even though it has been around for eons), and realize it is quickly turning into a pandemic issue capable of epic proportions…and start taking it seriously. I am writing this in the middle of yet another relapse to keep myself from wanting to jump off a cliff into a beautiful, deep, canyon of rocks and hoping that all my suffering will have not been all for naught…and that somehow it will turn into a miracle that saves someone else from suffering the devastating effects of Lyme. Even if the miracle oil comes from sarcastic laughter at my “groanings” in our shared experience. The exercises I have included in this book are strategically placed through out to give us time to really take time on our healing and coming home to ourselves. Take note that these exercises are geared at “spirituality” and not religion. I however have made references from the Bible in there in case there are those out there who question because they might be Christian they shouldn’t do them. I myself am a “Christian”. I believe in love. I believe God would want us to be perfect and whole. There will be a lot of back and forth as I go through this healing with you. I am 47 years old and have taught classes on spirituality for over 20 years. The methods in this book are created by me at the request of clients both privately and in classes I have taught; “Isn’t there an easier way?”. I personally have seen quick changes for people in doing them. It is my hope that somehow, they will help us find peace in the middle of the “green sea”. My best advice for other “Lymies” out there…do not wait for someone else to be your advocate. Be your own, and research like a mad man…and above all, don’t give up…“Nik”