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Little Anton: A Historical Novel Series

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

Dive into this smart, sexy spy thriller set during 1930s European Grand Prix Racing, when Porche’s secret advanced technology sparks international espionage. Will the madcap British pilot/spy Lady Bea and her handsome Bavarian lover, race driver Lutz Becker, find Porsche’s top-secret designs before Adolf Hitler exploits them? Be inspired by the brazen adventures of Lady Bea in this historical fiction series as she endures harsh training to infiltrate Himmler’s occult-driven SS, races to locate and apply covert technology in WWII, and exposes the secret plotting for material gain by corporate and political leaders around the world. The Little Anton series will continue with the forthcoming sequel, Lion, Tiger, Bear. This mystery thriller is set amid the Desert War of 1942-3, where the hunt is on for a secret Nazi SS mining operation and aircraft base in Iraq directly linked to Germany’s multiple atomic bomb programs.

“… a historical thriller… a propulsive war story." 

Engineers across Europe … refuse to sit idly as the Germans steamroll the Grand Prix—and some suspect that they’re using their new technologies in warlike ways… The author offers loving details about the Royal Air Force’s Hurricane Mk I (“Time to 15,000 FT: 6.3 MIN”), and about Me-109 fighters, which come equipped with “the newest and most powerful version of the Mercedes 601 engine.

Enter Lady Beatrice “Bea” Sunderland, an Englishwoman who loves speed—and especially, piloting fast airplanes. She’s recruited by the British government to infiltrate German racing’s inner circle and find out just what sort of schemes may be under way involving new tech. It turns out that the schemes are many, indeed, and it’s also revealed that the Nazis have ties to American industrialists and even the Illuminati; they also seem to be obsessed with occult practices. Sunderland undergoes rigorous training before embarking on her adventure, but will it be enough to save her and her country from the wicked forces at play?