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Tracy Hartley
Little Ellie Isabellie Elephant: Day at the Pool
A baby elephant learns valuable lessons after she wasn’t able to jump and play with her friends at the pool. Does her small size really hinder her from enjoying a day at the pool? In this book authored by Tracy Hartley and illustrated by Linda Solomon, young readers will understand that it’s okay to be little as long as they face the problem and ask for help, Little Ellie Isabellie is too small to go swimming with her friends. She’s sad but she decides to ask her momma for help. She learns its okay to be small and ask for help. Her momma has a solution to help her on her adventure to the pool. And now, she is ready to learn whatever new adventures the future may bring. The author wrote this book for her granddaughter, who started life as a premature little brave fighter. She has come so far and is growing and doing well. She always wants her to know how strong she is in spite of being so small. She hopes she lives her life with that same brave spirit as she continues through life.