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Teresa Power
Little Mouse Adventures: Yoga at the Zoo

Children/Young Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Publish)

Lovable, curious Little Mouse is here to help kids use yoga to solve problems and manage emotions. Little Mouse lives in a cozy burrow nestled in young Tammy McDoodle’s backyard. Tammy and her mother love to practice yoga together, and Little Mouse loves to follow along. In this beautifully illustrated picture book, Little Mouse, along with Tammy’s wise and lovably lazy cat, Mr. Opus, follow Tammy on a field trip to the zoo and meet new animal friends, while learning simple yoga poses along the way. This book gently imparts important lessons about friendship, dealing with new situations, and meeting new people.
Power (The ABC’s of Yoga for Kids) charms with the adventures of the unlikely best friend duo of Little Mouse and Mr. Opus the cat, as they visit the zoo and learn yoga poses from the animals. Little Mouse and Mr. Opus spend afternoons after school together, sometimes watching Tammy, the little girl Mr. Opus lives with, doing yoga with her mom. When Tammy’s school goes on a field trip to the zoo, Little Mouse and Mr. Opus go too. Little Mouse has never seen other animals and is excited to meet them. As Little Mouse meets each animal, he sees that they do yoga-like poses too. Little Mouse is on a serious quest for knowledge, while Mr. Opus provides some comic relief (such as falling asleep during his favorite yoga pose).

Young readers will enjoy Allen’s expressive and fun illustrations of Little Mouse and Mr. Opus’s antics. The illustrations have just the right amount of detail to draw in the reader, adding to the story without distracting from the text. It will likely not be clear to young readers whether the book is meant to teach yoga poses or just show fun things that animals do. However, the description of Little Mouse’s experiences with yoga fit the target age group well, as the poses are simple and presented as a regular, calming part of daily life.

As Little Mouse copies poses from other animals and sees how yoga relaxes them, young readers can imitate Little Mouse in turn. Power has a fine sense of which poses are suitable for children, and adults who aren’t deeply familiar with yoga can comfortably lead kids through the various poses. The emphasis on yoga as a daily practice will resonate with busy families looking for easy ways to relax and be in touch with their physical selves.

Takeaway: This simple, fun approach to yoga as a source of calm in everyday life will appeal to young readers and their parents.

Great for fans of Susan Verde’s I Am Yoga, Mariam Gates’s Good Night Yoga series.

Production grades
Cover: A-
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: A
Editing: A
Marketing copy: B