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Live Action Role Play
Live Action Role Play (LARP) is a feel-good, general audience, fictional game literature novel on the hobby of live action role play (larp). Both LARP and larp include cosplay (dressing up as a character), creating/playing out scenarios in fantasy adventures, lore, quests, fantasy art, friendship/teamwork, magic, love interests, strategy, and gaming. LARP is told from the point of view of Astra, who is a quirky but sweet and fun-loving girl. Astra quickly becomes best friends with Plusha, who is competitive at games and a bit of a tom-boy, but also sweet and caring. Astra and Plusha meet Gregorix and Quartex at a singles mixer. Gregorix is a chivalric knight-errant type of guy, and Quartex is a bit of an odd-ball with quirky habits, but is quite knowledgeable about the larping world since he works at "Bill's Board Games and Books." Astra and Plusha soon realize that to form a meaningful real relationship with Quartex and Gregorix, Astra and Plusha must go in to the fantasy larp world and pull out Gregorix and Quartex into the real world. Plusha realizes it first when she says: "... they are playing two games at once. There's the real life larp, and then there's the fantasy larp." However, in their attempts to win over the guys as love interests, the lines blur between what is real and what is larp. Perhaps Astra characterizes the whole situation best when she casts the spell: "Blur Dangit!"