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Maria Blon
Living Passionately: 21 People Who Found Their Passion - And How You Can Too!
Maria Blon, author
At the heart of Living Passionately is a simple truth: when you focus on what matters to you, your passion, you can really “come alive” and change the world. Maria and the 21 authors in this book share how they have found their passions and Maria poses thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter helping guide the reader effortlessly through a mental journey that too few take the time or energy to navigate on their own. .The result? An opportunity to reflect and find your true ultimate passion. To come alive. To change the world. And now they are hoping to bring that passion, joy, and happiness into the world—for all of us to share. 15% of Profits are donated to HEART: The HEART School is a model of excellence in teaching, learning and sustainable education in the poverty-stricken country of Haiti. Its mission is to We educate the whole child, empowering them to reach their full potential and improve the quality of their lives and those around them.
In this essay collection, Blon and 21 others examine times of great adversity and how those experiences taught them valuable life lessons. The opening chapter exhorts readers to examine who they are and why they matter, and several poignant stories follow. A young mother whose eight-month-old child died from a congenital heart defect eventually learns to see “challenges as opportunities.” Blon’s daughter, Carina, volunteers in Haiti after the tragic 2010 earthquake, where she sets up a school and learns the importance of “observing and listening.” Shad St. Louis, who emigrated from Haiti to the U.S. as an infant, returns to his homeland to help with Carina’s project, discovering in the process that hope and perseverance can change anyone’s life. Financial planner Charles Yarnold learns his father hid his Parkinson’s from his family for years, which he takes as an illustration of the importance of relationships. Bradley Nelson, after originally planning to get an M.B.A., instead becomes a holistic chiropractic physician; this teaches him to listen and then act. Sue Keane, whose 32-year-old son functions at the mental level of a three-month-old, discusses how even in the darkest of situations, it’s important to enjoy life. Blon and her coauthors tug at the heartstrings while teaching readers to follow their own passions. (BookLife)
Living Passionately Book Launch

January 7, 2015 – Middletown, NY - Author and speaker Maria Blon will be launching her new book “Living Passionately: How 21 people found their purpose and how you can too” on Saturday, February 7th, 2015. This inspiring event will take place from 1:00pm to 4:00pm at the Orange County Choppers Cafe in Newburgh, NY, home of the nationally known Orange County Choppers. Several of the contributing authors will be present to inspire participants to live passionately, including Wendy Blanchard, Sheila Pearl, Alison Orlando, Vilma Fyke, Anthony Church, Frank DeRaffele, Brian Baird, Carina Blon, Anna Blon, Tom Blon and Shad St. Louis. Charles Skerett of Starlights Entertainment will be providing music. Food, drinks, bowling and pool will be available for purchase.

Twenty five books and a one hour Speaking Engagement with Maria Blon will be raffled off to a local charity organization. The more people that attend from the giving organization, the higher their chance to win this incredible gift for their clients, staff and donors.

Maria is the creator and founder of SPARKS, an organization that focuses on empowerment through motivational speaking, books and inspirational products. “Living Passionately: How 21 people found their purpose and how you can too” is her latest book, and is highly anticipated in the local community. Print and audiobooks will be available and may signed by authors. This event promises to be an uplifting experience for all who attend. More information about “Living Passionately: How 21 people found their purpose and how you can too” can be found at