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Lizzy Albright & the Attic Window
Ricky Tims, author
The adventure begins on Christmas Eve 1964, Lizzy’s tenth birthday, as her family travels through the heart of Kansas to her Granny’s mansion as a winter storm approaches. In her attic, Lizzy discovers Granny’s old quilt, and Granny explains to her the different meanings of each block—from the Scottie dog, flying geese, storm at sea, and many others. That night, as Lizzy sleeps with the quilt, it sparks her imagination and brings some of the blocks to life. Soon, Lizzy, the lone goose from the drive named Gretta, and Granny’s Scottie dog McDoogle travel to the kingdom of Ailear, where Lizzy learns that she is rightful ruler as princess, and they are in desperate need of her help to break its evil curse and restore the kingdom. This is Book 1 in a planned Lizzy Albright series.