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Long Live Rock: A Grown-Up Romance

Adult; Romance; (Market)

Lisette DuPre is a ballet teacher whose life and marriage have become as rigidly prescribed as the positions of her art. Soon to be an empty nester, she feels inauthentic, almost mechanical. She is going through the motions with just enough joy to tide her over, but not fill her up. Her passions have dimmed. Her husband has a huge secret. When their teenage daughter calls from the first-aid tent at a rock concert, Lisette comes face-to-face with rock icon Shane Stewart, singer for the Disgracefuls, a band that was the soundtrack of her youth. He has a wardrobe crisis. She has a sewing kit. The intimacy of the moment evokes a yearning Shane cannot quite name, but personifies in Lisette – a full-grown woman, polar opposite of the models and groupies who spend the night and disappear. Shane is approaching a major milestone of his own and struggles to reconcile being “a man in full” when his work has always been to play, and his lore leans toward juvenile delinquency. Memorable characters support the budding romance while they themselves experience self-rediscovery, accept change, revisit bad habits, redeem themselves, and dare to love.