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Looking for CEI
Looking for CEI is a cosmic love story within a mystical context, presented as a fable. Binnie and Cat are passionate lovers, but to such an extent and on so many levels that the intensity and quality of the energies they create attracts the attention of the Cosmic Intelligence. Of ITSELF, IT can't do much in Earth bound reality, but sustained by power of such love's magnitude, IT sets ITS focus on the couple. This kind of focus is irresistible as the chosen duo realize that by sacrificing their personal happiness, they make a unique and immense contribution to the unprecedented chance to significantly uplift the existing human condition and its consequent evolution. Why this should matter to IT remains a mystery. It can only be speculated that IT wants to experience love and life in the setting of duality that is absent in the Cosmic Realm. It is a journey of agonizing choices and the ecstasy of having made them.