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Looping in Limbo
She was prepared for the storms. But it’s the calms that could crush her. As her first season as a professional caddie winds down, Lainey Tidwell struggles to keep her dream alive at Singing Bluffs Resort. She may have a knack for guiding golfers around hazards on the links, but the unpredictable, nervewracking bouts of low-season blues are harder to avoid. Worries about money, men, and her unchecked mouth take their toll on this independent, yet conflicted, scrapper. Like a golfer with the yips, Lainey can’t shake doubts about caddying all winter at a small town coastal resort. Beautiful surroundings … nasty weather … down-to-earth townfolk … a pretentious golf world … disgusting cohorts … good friends ̶ more influences than one “Short Grrrl” can handle. Looping in Limbo follows the continuing career and distracting love life of Lainey Tidwell, bitchin’ girl caddie extraordinaire, that began in Looping for Love.
you go girl!

Lainey Tidwell, the narrator and main character of Looping in Limbo, is an independent, liberated woman working in a man's world. But women's liberation isn't the point of the book - it's really about how Lainey approaches her life and makes her choices as a person with a mind of her own. She struggles with some big life choices about what she does, where she lives, who she loves, and, in doing so, finds out who she is and what's important to her. Being a golf caddy is her calling and she is dedicated to it, always striving to be the best caddy. This part of the book is so well written that even someone who has never been on a golf course will get an appreciation for the game and begin to understand why people become obessed with it. Nothing shakes her from her chosen career. Where she lives is also a major choice for her, and again she stays true to herself when she has to make a decision that is complicated by remote affair with someone in the big city. I really enjoyed hearing Lainey tell her story. She's an interesting person and someone I would like to know. I hope Ms. Etherton continues writing about Lainey and her journey through life.