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Lord of Columbia: Northern Knights

Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Create)

One Hero Fights for Freedom. South Columbia, where government corruption poisons the masses…where the police state exterminates the unreliable…where open warfare is about to begin. Cain Riscattare is a brash college athlete gifted in element control when he is exposed to government atrocities within South Columbia, a society demoralized at the hands of the interventionist Southpoint Empire. When a military draft to expand Southpoint’s imperial fist threatens Cain’s athletic career, he and his college teammates spark a rebellion using their abilities to reignite a long-dormant fight for freedom. Now fugitives, Cain and his friends flee the police state to the unoccupied region of North Columbia to undertake their senior year at Summit University. Upon discovering a number of students are working undercover as Southpoint spies in North Columbia, it’s a matter of time before the Southpoint Army advances northward. As open warfare erupts in South Columbia, Cain and his friends balance athletics while working with top North Columbian leaders to defend the land from certain invasion. And when disaster strikes after the fall sports season, Cain’s athletic career is on indefinite suspension.