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Lost in a Story Beyond Reality and Time
Sometimes in one’s life, a sequence of events flashes through us as though we’ve had this experience before but at a different place or time…and possibly at another level. This story, takes the reader into this realm as a family venture on a holiday camping trip as the brother and sister wonder off during the night and travel unknowingly through a Crease in time where they are greeted by a Shaman who counsels and guides them back to their rightful place in time with the assistance of the Old Story Teller, ‘Noita Nigami’ who weaves the story to keep them from wandering astray on their return home. Along their journey they encounter twelve malevolent characters who each bring a different challenge to which the Shaman has provided a protector to defend against, followed by a life lesson from each. When the story ends with an only child, the sister returns back through the Crease to find the Old Story Teller. She demands that the story be retold with her brother so they can return together, only to realize that this time the Old Story Teller has woven them both into a story with a different ending.