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Louisiana Cajun Girl
The wet lands of Louisiana hold many secrets. In this spiritual, paranormal, romance, a young Cajun girl, Marcie, a tomboy raised by her parents on the edge of the swamps, is about to learn some lessons of life from the other side. Several months after the unexpected death of her dad, Marcie starts having ghostly visitations directing her to the middle of the Spring Bayou area among the snakes and alligators to find direction in her life from none other than a recluse that the people of the town call the Swamp Man. Through many trials and tribulation in the bayous and rivers with her childhood friends, this adventure brings Marcie face-to-face with death. Watch Marcie’s struggle with her mind, will, and emotions while she learns lessons from the heart from the Swamp Man and watch her grow and learn the true meaning of life – love.